Gig Empire Terms Of Use

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Gigs are the services sellers offer on Gig Empire.

· Sellers can offer jobs on Gig Empire for a price of $5 to $500, Depending on your level.

Gig Empire takes $1 Commisson Fee from every $5 gig sold or equivalent to 20% of every gig sold.


· You must register for free in order to start buying and selling on Gig Empire.
· As a buyer, you own all the rights for the work you ordered unless you agreed on different terms with the seller.
Sellers and buyers can only accept, Gig Empires payment method.
Sellers Basics
Once you sell your first gig and deliever it, your net will be added to your account.
· Buyers will pay Gig Empire in advance for placed orders.
Once order is completed, Gig Empire will accredit sellers.
· You can withdraw your revenues to any PayPal or Alertpay (Payza) account you like.
· Your seller rates will be determined according to received feedback from clients, late delivers, and the amount of cancelled orders.
If for any reason you have a cancelled order, your revenue goes back to the buyer.
· You are not allowed to share Email addresses, Skype usernames or any personal contact details but your name in order to protect your privacy.You will be banned from the market place.
Handling orders
· Sellers are expected to deliver their work according to the delivery duration specified in the gig description. Otherwise, buyers can cancel their orders and give negative feedback and rating.
Sellers will be notified by email, when a gig is purchased,
· Mutual seller and buyer cancellation agreement will be automatically accepted after 48 hours even if it is not answered. The non responding user will face rating decrease issue.
· Sellers are not allowed to share Email addresses, Skype usernames, twitter, or facebook usernames, or any contact details but your name in order to protect your privacy. That is why users' identities will be kept anonymous.
· Posting inappropriate content will get your account permanently blocked. For example, no spam, adult, abusive, racist, illegal, rude, copyright protected, violent, or promotional content is allowed.
Work delivery & communications
· Providing completed files or/and proof of work must be delivered by sellers. Sellers can use the "Deliver Completed Work" tab which is located in the "Order Page".
· You must have a valid PayPal or Alertpay (Payza) account in order to withdraw revenues successfully. Before withdrawing money, make sure that your PayPal account can get coming payments.
Gig Empire is not responsible for any possible damages, transfering files, or any usage or content on site.
· A 7 day safety clearance period of 14 days is required before making your revenues available for withdrawal.
· Once you begin the withdrawal process, Gig Empire will not be able to reverse it or undo withdrawals.
You can connect Gig Empire to a paypal or alertpay account, for withdrawlng money.